Datumate Partners with CSP: Datugram™3D given a US audience

Logo for the company DatumateFounded in Israel, Datumate developed Datugram™3D, revolutionizing terrestrial photgrammetry. Datumate’s products are revolutionizing “field-to-plan” processes for land surveying, civil engineering and architectural applications, providing at least a threefold increase in productivity and cost reduction. Datumate’s products serve a multitude of customers, including both private land surveying firms as well as national mapping agencies, allowing them to execute and process their land surveying works easier, faster, cost effectively, and with enhanced quality.

Datumate and Colburn Strategic Partners Inc. partnered in September 2013 to develop a plan to distribute Datugram™3D in the United States and was looking for an expert in marketing the software to the United States market. Datumate also needed help in customizing the software for US surveying and mapping regulations.

We began the process in the only way that made sense– by using the software. It soon became clear that Datugram™3D was both an innovative and marketable software. We worked with the software developers to customize and test the software for US surveying and mapping regulations, as it had been developed for the metric system prior to our partnership. We provided valuable insight on not only the function but the feel of the software, providing expert advice on the layout of the user interface and on the user experience.

Datugram™3D was initially well received in its United States debut, and we expanded our role with Datumate to include much more content marketing and direct selling of the software at regional and survey-society sponsored conferences. Colburn Strategic represented Datumate at many of these conferences, handling lead generation and direct selling. Alex Colburn, graphic designer with Colburn Strategic Partners, provided event-specific print and display materials for many of these conferences.

Datumate Flyer

Flyer designed by Alex Colburn, 2014

Eric Colburn, a professional land surveyor with over 30 years experience, took on Datumate’s portfolio and utilized his rich social media network to evangelize Datugram™3D. In addition to representing Datumate at many events, Eric hosted a series of successful webinars on behalf of Datumate on the topics of close-range photogrammetry and real-world applications of Datugram™3D.

Through Colburn Strategic’s software customization and testing, establishing speaking opportunities, providing content rich inbound marketing and targeted outbound marketing, Datumate gained over one thousand quality leads in the United States. Those leads are growing and helping Datumate to establish themselves as a software company in the United States.

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