Design Your Brand Identity With Purpose- Free Webinar

Design Your Brand Identity With Purpose

Presented by Alex Colburn, Brand Strategy Consultant
Colburn Strategic Partners

Registration is Closed

12:00-1:30 PM EDT

In this workshop we will go through the process of creating a brand for your company, organization, idea, or product. We will start by discussing tools and strategies used to create a unique and descriptive name. Attendees will learn how to identify the key elements that define their “brand”, as well as tools to use to brainstorm and generate potential names for their brand. We will then discuss what to do once that brand is created and when to launch your brand or product into the larger marketplace, ultimately evaluating, “To launch, or not to launch?” We will discuss the implications of “Grand Openings” as well as the importance of pre-launch brand or product testing. Lastly, we will cover the various roles of professionals in crafting brand identity and awareness; which professionals you should approach and at what cost? The roles of Product Tester, Brand Consultant, Marketing Teams, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Attorney, and “the Intern” will be discussed in depth in relation to establishing and successfully launching a brand.


Design Your Brand Identity With Purpose

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