Colburn Strategic Partners and Datumate Attend TSPS Convention & Tech Expo

Datumate Booth at TSPS13

Datumate Booth at TSPS13

Colburn Strategic Partners and Datumate Attend TSPS Convention & Tech Expo Arlington, Texas October 30-November 2

Colburn Strategic Partners, Inc. and Datumate recently attended the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors (TSPS) 62nd annual Convention and Tech Expo (TSPS13), held in Arlington, Texas. At this surveyor’s convention, Datumate’s introduced it’s innovative software solutions to the North American geospatial markets.

Datumates’s software suite includes:

  • DatuGram™3D
  • DatuGram™2D
  • DatuMeasure™
  • DatuGuide™

Colburn Strategic Partners provided pre-conference research, marketing and outreach, and in-conference support to develop Texas distributors of Datumate software. In addition to distributor network development, Eric Colburn, president of Colburn Strategic Partners, assisted with customer support and social media engagement.

About Datumate

Datumate is an innovative geomatics company, committed to creating products which revolutionize land surveying, engineering, and architecture practices. These services provide increases in productivity and cost reduction, and can serve a variety of customers, from private land surveyors to national mapping agencies. With a lineup of products (and more to come), Datumate is committed to innovative technological services. Among their shareholders are some of the largest venture capital firms of Israel. More information about their products and services can be found at

About Colburn Strategic Partners

Colburn Strategic Partners is a consulting and marketing firm which specializes in cultivating and improving online presence, optimizing workflow, developing and distributing content, and promoting your business. CSP works to capitalize on the strengths of your business, while turning weaknesses into opportunities. Learn more about Colburn Strategic and their vision of excellence in design at


To learn more about Colburn Strategic Partners, please contact:

Eric Colburn
+1 (800) 277-3265 Ext. 700


Nathan Colburn
Communications Director
+1 (800) 277-3265 Ext. 703

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