WordPress Site Design: Creating an Info Hub for SaLIS Journal

The Surveying and Land Information Science Journal contacted us in September 2014 to create a website that acts as a crossroads and information hub for the now and future subscribers of SaLIS Journal. The SaLIS Journal publishes research articles, technical papers, technical notes, information on survey education and history, as well as current literature reviews.

SALIS Website Homepage

Completed home page designed by Colburn Strategic Partners

At that point, much of the information regarding the journal was scattered across three separate and distinct websites, causing confusion for many subscribers and making it hard to update vital information such as subscription rates. We coordinated with SaLIS to collect and organize all of the pertinent information regarding the journal, and structured the information in a manner easy to navigate for the website’s end-users.

SALIS Website Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The website was also designed in a way that the journal could choose self-publication in the future. SaLIS publishes their works through Sheridan Press which has a propietary website, but with self-sufficiency in mind we wanted to provide them with the framework to self-publish and maintain subscriberships if they choose to do so in the future. WordPress’ robust platform was chosen for its easy-to-publish content management functionality, as well as its built-in indexing and search engine optimization. You can see the results of our work at salis-journal.org

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