AAGS Selects Colburn Strategic for Website Redesign

AAGS Selects Colburn Strategic for Website Redesign

AAGS Joins Forces with Colburn Strategic to Redesign Website and Improve Web Experience for Members

The American Association for Geodetic Surveying has selected Colburn Strategic for their website redesign as of April 2016. We are very excited to work with them and provide AAGS with an improved web experience. The American Association for Geodetic Surveying (AAGS) uses its existing website for membership management and publishing of organizational news. We will be hosting and maintaining the site, as well as updating the platform and visuals to modernize their web presence.

AAGS’s existing website (aagsmo.org) is a static html site, which is preventing them from easily updating their website content. We will be building their new website using the WordPress platform, making website updates by the organization simple and easy. Easy updates will save time through quick publishing, promote more content updates, and improve the organization’s Google Search ranking.

Additionally, the AAGS uses their website for membership management. In the website redesign, we will execute a modern eCommerce solution. Members will be able to purchase, renew, or cancel their membership via a storefront on their website. In compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Stadanrds (PCI standards), their website will be secured with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, providing better security and peace of mind for members of the organization.

We have begun designing the website already, and expect the finished product to be completed by May 2016. Current members of the organization can expect cumulative updates over the following weeks, and any disruption to the website will be minimal.

The American Association for Geodetic Surveying is a national professional association that aims to lead the community of geodetic, surveying, and land information data users through the 21st century.

Colburn Strategic Partners is a Rhode Island based digital design and marketing agency, working with clients worldwide to improve their web presence and visuals.

To contact Colburn Strategic for website design, click here! We are always taking on new clients and would love to talk to you.

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